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My name is Jameela Jamil. Welcome To I Weigh Community.

Two years ago we started an Instagram account to try to create a safe and radically inclusive space on social media. A lot of us want to help others and change the world for the better, but don’t know where to start.

Activism can seem daunting. Sometimes it’s just hard and lonely. At I Weigh Community, we don’t believe it has to be that way. We believe in brick-by-brick activism, and making a difference in large numbers. We’re going to have to come together and do this as one to really shift the narrative of our society.

I Weigh Community will introduce you to new voices, artists, activists and movements. These are the people we believe we need to listen to. We are still learning, and we’re inviting you to come and learn alongside us so we can all grow together. It’s never too late to want to help and understand each other better.

This movement is so important to me, and I look forward to getting to know you all.

Jam x

At some point between their leaving,
and your becoming,
you stop feeling.

And no, this is not a long-lasting,
painful sort of “I hope this ends“
because you’ve never been good at endings anyway.

This is worse. This is an “I feel nothing“
to the point that you know you should panic
but even panic has deserted you.

You are dry.
Like a land that has had no water,
a barren lake, earth cracked by the sun.

And no one informs the ground how to look away
from the sun that is making it fruitless, just like
no one informs you how to force feelings into a barren heart.

Call it a phase.
Call it a chapter.
But do not, whatever you do, call it shelter.

This is just what it feels like
to be the empty vessel the healing needs
to fill with the water that will make you feel like you belong.


  • Nikita Gill is a British-Indian writer and artist living in the south of England. With a huge online following, her words have captivated hearts and minds all over the world. Nikita is an ambassador for National Poetry Day and is a regular speaker at literary events.

    Photo Credit: Peace Ofuré

  • Sivan Karim is an illustrator and visual artist who is known for his black and white aesthetic. His work often combines portraiture with a unique line structure. He posts his work for his over 85,000 Instagram followers.

    Photo Credit: Jisu Kim